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Nortus Fitness is not just another company you come across while surfing the internet for Gym Equipment. We are a brand people put their faith on for similar solutions. Our name is widely renowned among the best Commercial Exercise Equipment Manufacturers in Delhi/NCR. We apply the right methodologies and guarantee that the final product will not let you down in any manner.

We have a comprehensive range covering Bodybuilding Equipment, Crossfit Equipment, Weight Lifting Machine and more. All our products are customized to cater to customer requirements. Our quality auditors check the quality and performance of the products before offering to the final customers.

As one of the preeminent Workout Equipments Exporters and Suppliers in India, we ensure delivery will never be delayed from our end and you receive the best support. Call or drop your enquiry to know more.

Gym Equipment is the real asset of a gym and is meant to assist in improving fitness.

Indeed, a well-sculpted body gives us immense confidence and boost your health for better work

Planning to set-up your gym and looking for the right machines for enhancing the experience of the trainers?

When it comes to set-up a new gym or renovating an existing one, you need the right gym equipment

When choosing cardio equipment for your gym, reach Nortus Fitness.

Looking to buy Exercise Equipment within your budget? Nortus Fitness is the name that should be on your list.

When it comes to setting up a fitness centre or gym, you need all the right tools or equipment that can help exercisers attain a better physique.

Commercial-grade Workout Equipment is made to last that enhance the training experience and add an edge to your gym.

Do you think of settling your gym? Already bought or rent your space but not sure what equipment to buy?

Another great gym instrument you can buy is a workout machine that can be a great buy to strengthen up your whole body.

Having the right gym equipment is important to enhance its overall value and experience of the clients too.

Choosing the right fitness set or equipment is the first and foremost step that can ensure the success of your exercise or gym.

Nortus Fitness is a name that needs no introduction in the domain of fitness equipment manufacturing, supplying and exporting.

Commercial Gym Dumbbells have a huge market and at Nortus Fitness, we have been engaged in serving the same.

Looking for the right Weight Lifting Machine for your gym facility? Nortus Fitness got you covered.

Buying commercial Treadmill is not just exciting but stressful at the same time.

Gym Cardio Machine are not just comfortable but durable as well and if you are looking the same for your gym setup

There are different Gym Cycling Machines available, including upright bikes, recumbent bikes and indoor cycles, etc.

Searching for the right Bodybuilding Equipment for your commercial set-up?

At Nortus Fitness, we have different types of Bodybuilding Machines available that you need to practice rigorous gym workouts.

The success of the gym depends greatly on the training equipment you have in your gym.

With the availability of so many companies in the market, it’s hard to rely on one.

Having a gym is not enough; it should be loaded with the right equipment as well.

Exercise Bike are great for cardio workout and offer several benefits to the users like increasing muscle tone

Recumbent Bikes are great for upper body support and effective cardio session and lower body workout.

Upright Bikes are built for cardiovascular workouts. These have a great demand in several gyms

A great gym journey begins with the right equipment and if your gym doesn’t have it, your customers might not get satisfied and leave it for sure.

No matter whether you are looking for Stair Climbers for a gentle stair climb or fast-paced workout

When it comes to cardio and strength exercise, Rower Machines can be your best friends.

Willing to embark your fitness journey? Looking for reliable Weight Gym Equipment? Contact Nortus Fitness.

Plate Loaded Weight Equipment is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to weight stack machines

Selectorized Equipment is the one which has one or more weight stacks, attached to the frame and utilizes a system of pulleys.

Elliptical Trainer also named as Cross Trainer is a kind of stationary exercise machine designed to simulate stair climbing

Multi Gym Equipment is a kind of strength equipment designed to be used for ensuring better exercise without compromising on the comfort.

Olympic Weight Plates are larger than standard weights and available in different weights, diameters and sizes.

Multi-Station Gym Equipment is best to be used for upper body strength and give great benefits to the users.

To upgrade existing gym equipment or buy new ones, Nortus Fitness is the name you can recall.

If you want to set up your fitness club and looking for the right equipment to uplift its value, Nortus Fitness got you covered.

Hammer Strength Machine is the most sought after machine, used in the gyms for weight training.

Full Body Workout guarantees good health and balanced body weight and if you want to attain that, it is good to use the right machines.

Strength Training with the right equipment in hands is as effective as free weights and considered safer than other methods.

Walking Machines may reduce your cardiovascular risks and increase your overall health.

Stretching Equipment is a part of our functional and flexible equipment that can prevent any potential injuries

Cardio Exercise needs the right cardio equipment for better results and if you are planning to buy them

Smith Machine is a weight machine designed for enhancing your experience of weight training

Motorized Treadmill is the way better in terms of design, feature and functionalities than manual Treadmill.

Shoulder Press Machine is designed to enhance your exercise experience.

Full Body Workout Machine is designed for round-the-clock heavy use and bound to give stress-free working for years.

Hunting for one of the most zealous Weight Lifting Bench Manufacturers in Delhi/NCR?

Looking for gym equipment that can offer improved comfort and unmatched performance?

Nortus Fitness is your true fitness partner and has various indoor as well as outdoor gym equipment

Nortus Fitness, as one of the reputed Rehabilitation Equipment Manufacturers in Delhi/NCR

Frequently Asked Questions
Who Is The Best Gym Equipment Manufactures In Delhi?

Nortus Fitness is one of the credible  Gym Equipment Manufacturers in Delhi. We have a wide range of products designed with cutting-edge technology and the best resources. Our team of experts and highly trained professionals do complete research and formulate the best possible  Gym Equipment for you. We have a set of procedures to design and check the performance of  Gym Equipment on multiple grounds before delivering them to the customers. We work on our toes to bring nothing but the best and strictly follow the industry norms.

What Are The Different Equipments You Offer To Us?

Here is the list of several equipments that we have on our side to make you fit and healthy. Here are they:

  • Gym Equipment
  • Commercial Gym Equipment
  • Cardio Equipment
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Crossfit Equipment
  • Gym Cardio Machine
  • Multi-Station Gym Equipment
  • Walking Machine
  • Cardio Fitness Equipment
  • Shoulder Press Machine
  • Weight Lifting Machine
  • Exercise Cycle
  • Gym Dumbbell
  • Treadmill
Do You Provide Installation Services For Gym Equipments?

Yes, we provide the installation services for a  Gym Equipment to you. Our passionate and highly trained experts never mind walking the extra mile to offer you the best. They are trained to meet all challenges during installation and offer to transform your place in the lovable gym. So rely on us for safe and appealing installation.

Can You Manufacture A Custom Gym Equipment That Is Not In Your Catalog?

Yes, we believe in supplying what our client demand. Our well-qualified team works beyond the boundaries to customize as per your need. So feel free to contact us for the customized  Gym Equipment and get the desired one ready with utmost precision with us.

How Long Is The Production Process?

The time of the production process depends on the quantity of your order. It usually takes 5-10 weeks, but we give the exact figure of the production time only after the placement of the order from your side. We are committed to producing the  Gym Equipment in the minimum possible time. So for fastest delivery rely on us.

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